Mediation Services

Commercial Mediation: General Information

Jill Tanz has experience in general business disputes, partnership disputes, contract disputes and all types of real estate disputes. She uses her background as a transactional attorney, her wide-ranging skills as a mediator, and expertise in neuroscience to help bring parties together.

Every dispute is different, and Jill takes the time to design a process to fit the parties and the nature of the problem. She will talk to all attorneys before the mediation session to assess the situation and set up a conference call with all sides to discuss logistics, pre-mediation submissions and other preliminary matters.

Mediation usually starts with short caucuses with each side, followed immediately by a joint session including all parties and their attorneys; but this process can be modified as needed. Mediation may be completed in one session, or multiple sessions can be scheduled to give each side time to prepare and respond to issues uncovered in the mediation. If there is no resolution in the planned session or sessions, Jill will continue to follow up after the mediation to help bring the sides together.


Real Estate Mediation

Jill has conducted hundreds of foreclosure mediation sessions through the Cook County Court Annexed Foreclosure Mediation Program. She was also lead trainer for mediators in the program. Her experience also extends to more complex foreclosure and real estate partnership disputes. She uses her transactional law experience, as well as her neuroscience background, to design a mediation process that fits the facts of each case. She is also experienced in dealing with multiple parties.

Condominium Mediation

Mediation is uniquely positioned to help resolve the wide array of disputes that arise in condominium and homeowner association communities. Jill has legal expertise in establishing condominiums and mediation skills in working with emotional disputants. She understands the legal aspects of condominium living and can work with residents to help them turn hardened positions into creative solutions.

Jill is experienced in working directly with parties, with or without the presence of attorneys, at the mediation session. She has written and presented talks on condominium mediation since 2010.

Partnership Disputes

Jill has worked with partners in real estate, architecture and other fields to help find solutions when trust has been broken. Disputing partners are often very angry and feel betrayed. Jill uses her neuroscience experience to deal with the high emotions and look for options that allow the partners to end their business relationship and move on to new opportunities.

Probate & Trust Mediation


Families working through grief and long-standing emotional issues can benefit from the services of a neutral who spends the time necessary to listen confidentially to each side. Jill can help legatees understand their options; she has worked side-by-side with them to help divide real and personal assets.


Mediation can help institutional trustees when there is conflict between the trustee and the beneficiaries or between beneficiaries. Jill is experienced working with individuals who are emotional and angry. She can help preserve relationships, help build bridges and find creative solutions. She can also provide a neutral voice to help beneficiaries understand and accept the requirements of the trust instruments.


Jill works directly with parties when they are unrepresented or when attorneys choose to have clients participate alone. Partnership and other business disputes can often be resolved by mediation before lawsuits are filed. Jill only works as a neutral and will never provide legal advice to any mediation participant.